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Registrierung zur Promotion
Registration of your attempt, obligate for running PHD projects supervised and planned to be finished at University of Potsdam. This webite will assist you on this registration process. Please also find faculty-specific rules at the website of your faculty.
Beeing accepted by your Faculty, you may enroll as 'Promotionsstudent' in the student's office.
agreement for supervision, signed by you and your supervisor(s). In most faculties this is a precondition to get registered.
Promotionsanzeige / Anzeige einer Promotion
The formular the student's office needs for enrollment. The Office of the Dean confirms your attempt and supervision.
PHD-student, enrolled as student at the student's office
'Promotionsgeschäftsstelle' at the deanery of your faculty
Sekretary of the Dean. Your contact at the faculty. Please hand in your papers here.
Promotionsverfahren (eröffnen)
When you have written your thesis, you can open the doctoral procedures at your faculty.

forgot password
In the Header, at 'profile' there is an option to reset your password. An Email will be sent to your current contact address. In case the mailaddress is no longer valid, please contact your office of the Dean.
username incorrect
The usernames are case-sensitive, please type them as you did creating the account.

Accepted students cannot change their data. Instead a questionaire for change-anouncements is populated by us once a year. Alternatively you may inform your your secretary of the Dean directly about the changes.

You will have the option for printing after you pushed 'send' in the input formular. If you cannot save or send, you probably already are an accepted PHD-student. Please contact your Secretary of the Dean. If errors occur after sending, please solve them first and send again.

If you have just created the account and notice you have chosen the wrong faculty, please contact the technical service of PromoDB. If you really want to change your Faculty, please contact your sectrary of the Dean first.

see question 'I cannot save or print'

For questions regarding your PHD-project, regulatorys or rules of your faculty please contact your office of the Dean. For technical problems regarding this site, please contact the the technical service of PromoDB.